Super Plastic

How we got started ...

I got into toys by accident. I got a Funko soda for my son, Wilder, as a gift, and we both loved it. We started buying a few. Then a seller I had purchased from sent an email about his livestream on Whatnot. I ignored the first two but then went in to see how things worked live. It was amazing! I then spent about a month spending way too much money researching a bunch of soda sellers. At that time, I knew I wanted to stream myself. I applied to Whatnot as a seller and was approved. My first show was Sept 6th of 2022. Wilder helps me with the streams, and he is a fan favorite! We get to hang out together and sell sodas. Awesome work if you get into it, and we haven’t looked back. I have branched out into designer toys, comics, and more, but sodas were our first true love!

Come see our shows on Whatnot and hang with us!

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